May 7, 2014

#WeAuthorize…solutions to the charter fraud crisis!

Starting today, Integrity in Education is joining the Institute for Democratic Education in America (IDEA) to host #WeAuthorize Wednesdays, a weekly opportunity to highlight ideas worth spreading in education policy and practice. Learn more about WeAuthorize Wednesdays here.

Paul Rosenberg, writing at Salon about the report on charter fraud we co-authored with the Center for Popular Democracy, had this to say about our recommended solutions to the problem:

If most of these sound like simple common sense, that’s pretty much just the point. There are plenty of issues around education that are controversial. Protecting ourselves, our children and their future against a massive white-collar crime wave should not be one of them.

With that in mind, here are those recommendations, offered in stand-alone format for easy reading and sharing. We urge you to keep them in mind as you take action regarding the charter bill currently in Congress!

Recommendations for Transparency, Accountability and Democratic Governance in Charter Schools by EduIntegrity