Sabrina Stevens


Sabrina Stevens is a teacher-turned-writer and education advocate. A proud public school graduate and an alumna of Swarthmore College, she originally intended to spend her career as a public school teacher. After an eye-opening experience teaching in a so-called ‘failing’ school in Denver, Sabrina left the classroom to speak out against the abuses of the movement to privatize public education.

Through her writing and creative online presentations, Sabrina quickly established herself as a leading voice for a democratic, community-driven vision for education reform. In 2011, she helped organize the first Save Our Schools March and National Call to Action. Since then, she has worked with numerous education advocacy organizations and campaigns as an organizer, trainer, communications strategist and spokesperson.

Having witnessed and experienced the destructive effects of education policies driven by corporate interest groups unconnected to public school communities, Sabrina has dedicated herself to ensuring that the interests, needs and aspirations of real public school stakeholders are represented honestly in the education reform debate. She lives with her family in Washington, DC.