Lejla Huskic


Lejla Huskic is in her final year of undergraduate studies at Boston University, double majoring in Political Science and Sociology. She joins the IIE team as the Digital Media Intern.

She has worked in various research and social media positions, including: Onshore Productions’ Sundance-selected documentary on corporate tax dodging, We’re Not Broke; the African Presidential Center, with whom she traveled to South Africa to host a conference with students and world leaders about the future of energy on the continent; the Massachusetts Caucus of Women Legislators, where she wrote a white paper for legislators regarding the issue of pay secrecy; and Powell Spencers, a legal aid-funded law firm in London, where she acted as a clerk in court, prison, and client meetings.

Lejla attended public schools throughout her K-12 education, and is passionate about educational and economic justice. She is dedicated to real education reform that separates corporate interests from youth livelihood.