September 22, 2014

“Don’t let distractions erase genuine critiques of Rhee & Brown”

Talking_Points_Memo_27987Some education observers are trying to distort the record when it comes to important critiques of prominent privatization advocates like Michelle Rhee Johnson and Campbell Brown. But we’re not willing to let that slide.

This past weekend at Talking Points Memo, our director Sabrina Stevens wrote,

As someone who has been subjected to sexist and racist attacks from “both” sides of the education debate, I agree there’s no room for oppressive behavior in this conversation — regardless of the feeble denials and/or justifications the offenders and their protectors try to offer. But it’s also important not to overlook the many substantive reasons why people object to how figures like Rhee (now Johnson) and Brown choose to participate in this debate. The ignorance that animates any sexist or racist insults directed at both women doesn’t erase the rhetorical and material harm both have caused in the course of their advocacy.

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