What We Do

Integrity in Education is a project whose mission is to restore integrity to the conversation about public education. We believe that providing equal opportunity to all children is a moral imperative, not just an economic necessity. Supporting high-quality public schools that are open to all, regardless of background or identity, is an essential part of ensuring liberty and justice for all.

For too long, a small, like-minded group of outside interests funded by corporations have taken advantage of existing inequalities and the bad conditions created by public disinvestment to advance a false narrative about our public schools. Without honest, accurate information about the true state of our schools, we can’t protect what is working or fix what isn’t.

That’s why we are committed to speaking the truth about our schools. Through hard-hitting media campaigns and unapologetic advocacy, we will change the education conversation by shining a light on the people who are making education for democracy a reality, while exposing the profit-driven corporate interest groups who are turning our public schools toward their private advantage.

A particularly insidious consequence of the corporate disinformation campaign has been the destruction of trust among teachers, students, parents and other members of the community. This division among natural allies has severely hurt our ability to collaborate in our shared best interests. By spreading distracting, misleading information, and by advancing policies and practices that literally block the public from important decision-making processes, they have successfully ensured that the resulting education policies will reflect their private interests instead of the public’s values, knowledge and expertise. If we want to move forward, we can’t let this continue.

That’s why Integrity in Education is also committed to elevating policies and practices of proven value to children and the community and to uniting people around a vision for public education that is guided by our shared democratic values and the best available evidence.

Each of us can and must work to make sure that this vision, already emerging in many of our best schools, becomes the reality for all. Our nation has the wits and the wealth to change our schools for the better. What we need now is the will. That’s what Integrity in Education is all about: speaking the truth about what works to build vibrant schools and communities, while exposing and opposing the outside interests who stand in our way.

Our Team

  • Sabrina Stevens

    Executive Director

  • Lejla Huskic

    Digital Media

  • Michael Huttner

    Board of Directors

  • Brian Kettenring

    Board of Directors

  • Deborah Sagner

    Advisor; Founding Chair

  • Joan Davidson

    Advisor; Founding Secretary